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Abyor Specific Solutions

Abyor has the ability to build genuine solution derived from the development of expert SAP consultants. Our Consultants have developed  pre-configured applications that allow companies to deploy software in weeks or months for a set price. The applications are designed to address one area of functionality of SAP's larger enterprise applications, and address a specific function or need.

Modular and enable customers to take incremental steps, rather than a Big Bang implementation. It is more efficient to install the Rapid-Deployment Solution (which covered 60% of our requirements) and to add the remaining resources to make up for the delta in our requirements. We saved 3/4 months of time to be ready with our solution.

SAP MDG Rapid-Deployment Solutions

The Abyor Rapid-Deployment Solution (RDS) for Master Data Governance with data quality service helps you to build one source of master data ensuring a high quality of master data and increases efficiencies within business operations. Our MDG RDS can be implemented for MDG Supplier (MDGS) domain and MDG Customer (MDGC) domain. SAP Master Data Governance comprises of applications to govern master data for Line of Business Processes. Used to create, maintain, and replicate master data across domains; aligned with business processes and business rules across Lines of Business (built on ECC for native SAP Business Suite integration); replication to SAP and non-SAP systems.

SAP CRM Rapid-Deployment Solutions

The Abyor SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Rapid-Deployment Solution is cost-effective and helps us manage customer and partner relationships. With this strong, flexible framework, we can realize our short- and long-term goals. SAP CRM solution help integrate sales, service and marketing through business processes and enterprise applications. These solutions help organizations manage three important customer-focused issues: generating new growth, attaining operational excellence, and enhancing competitive agility.

SAP SRM Rapid-Deployment Solutions

SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Rapid Deployment Solutions allows your company to manage its relationships with its vendors more successfully. Our SAP SRM RDS can connect a company with its supply base which allows multiple levels of suppliers, partners, and manufacturers to work together, while you reduce the cost of goods sold.

SAP PEMS (Plantation Estate Management Solution)

Abyor SAP PEMS (Plantation Estate Management Solution) provide the solution for controlling and managing the all type of plantation process. The solution comprises the plantation related activities starting from Land Management, Farm Forestry, Grower Management, Nursery Management, Plantation, Fertilization, Pestisisation, Irrigation, Harvesting and also interfaced with External devices like GPS, Weighbridge, Hand held devices. We are also having solution for Labour Management. Our Solution is right fit for all kind of Crops and Plantation.


CIKAT SAP HCM Solution is Abyor’s pre-configured HR and payroll solution. Based on SAP’s Human Capital Management suite, SAP CIKAT SAP HCM covers all the important Human Resources and Payroll compliance processes for Indonesian businesses.

Your business can benefit from Abyor’s years of experience and breadth of expertise in developing human capital management systems and implementing SAP software for organisations across Industries (State-Owned & Private Sector) in Indonesia. It has been designed to be implemented quickly and simply while placing minimal demands on your business and human resources staff.

SAP Maximining

Abyor SAP Maximining is SAP Best Practice package provide for an mining industry-specific SAP solution, designed by Abyor's expert consultants to meet the needs of fast-growing mine owners and operators for a sophisticated and credible business management system. Abyor SAP Maximining supports mining-specific processes and provides your company with key information that enables you to run your mining business effectively and profitably. Our product integrates production, commercial, and support processes to enable enterprise-wide planning, execution, and reporting.

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