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Consultancy & Advisory

As a full-service consultancy, Abyor provide comprehensive, objective advice on any and every aspect of the SAP landscape.
We begin every advisory project by looking at your immediate business requirements and your future ambitions. And only then do we work collaboratively to ensure you reach your end goal.

Based on our experiences in SAP consulting on various industries, Abyor is uniquely positioned to assist your business in the development of aligned business and IT strategies. Within this context we can help you ensure you are best positioned to take advantage of new and upcoming development in SAP solutions set to drive competivie avantage for your organisation.

Spanning a broad range of solutions across the SAP lifecycle, Abyor Consultancy & Advisory Services may be utilized in several situations including the following:

  • >> At the start of a new project, checking the feasibility and ensuring you have a strong business case.
  • >> Functional extensions, evaluating the best strategy for the design, development, deployment and roll out.
  • >> Upon project completion, verifying realization of the benefits you were planning to achieve.

Abyor could be your trusted advisor for all of these situations. Truly enable powerful changes to your processes and drive your performance forward. Engage with Abyor, and you will see the benefits of working with a partner who provides:

  • >> The best SAP experts.
  • >> Independent advice.
  • >> Proven and direct experience.

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