Haldin’ s Successful Digital Tansformation with Abyor

PT Haldin Pacific Semesta, a company focus on extraction of raw materials as the main ingredients for the manufacture of various types of consumer products, in late 2017 is steping towards Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) with HANA Platform. This step is marked with Go Live Migration on December 11 at PT Haldin Pacific Semesta, Cibitung Plant 1, as a sign of  successful migration of the System to SAP HANA Platform.

Haldin Go Live

SAP S / 4HANA is a digital economy generation business suite that brings unprecedented innovation of simplification. This solution has a remarkable ability to change how enterprise software creates business value with digital core available through cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployment. SAP S / 4 HANA is built on the SAP HANA in-memory platform with the modern SAP Fiori user experience (UX) principle for mobile devices.

PT Haldin Pasific Semesta had previously implemented SAP ECC 6.0 in 2005. Along with rapid business development, Haldin the needs for development & enhancement in terms of the ERP system used are inevitable. The needs for a more sophisticated yet efficient ERP system is then trigger for Migrating to HANA Platform. In addition, the constraint of knowledge transfer also becomes a supporting factor. “The core team that has been stable after the previous implementation is less well maintained so there is no knowledge transfer process. “The core team that has been stable after the previous implementation is less well maintained so there is no knowledge transfer process. Therefore we decided to form a new team and migrate to SAP HANA, with enhancement and development that meets the needs and business development of Haldin “, said Tiara Lenny, Finance Director of PT Haldin Pacific Semesta. “We want technology that supports business, and can be accessed anytime and anywhere” she added.

S/4HANA Haldin


SAP HANA migration of PT Haldin Pasific Semesta is assisted by PT Abyor International as SAP partner who has enormous portofolio in implementing SAP solution througout various industries in Indonesia. With a team of expertise & experienced consultants, Abyor serves a global client base by delivering comprehensive, efficient, and effective IT solutions that will help improve the company’s performance. Abyor is managed by SAP AG & SAP Indonesia veterans and the only local partner with Platinum title. These convinced PT Haldin Pasific Semesta to entrust Abyor to work on the migration project. “After doing the screening process and benchmarking some vendors we finally chose Abyor. We see that Abyor not only has expert consultants & experienced, but most importantly, consistent in implementing the project “, said Lenny.

PT Haldin Pacific Semesta is the first successful SAP HANA migration project in Indonesia and it is a pride for Abyor to be part of it. It is expected that this success will be a benchmark for other companies that have ERP system problems and want to step forward to a more developed but efficient technology. As PT Haldin Pacific Semesta has a foresight in technology, PT Abyor International is also continuing to increase its capacity to become the most reliable and trusted Partner in the world of IT in general and SAP in particular. “We hope many companies can open the eyes and minds as much as possible to the development of technology that bring values to the company”, said Budi Liman Subroto as Solution Architect Director of PT Abyor International. Surely Abyor International is ready to be part of that process.

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