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Be ready for new challenges by managing demand and accurately identify buyer behavior with business intelligence.

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Consumer Are Demanding More

Consumers of today control the products on retail and the market. They expect brands to deliver the right product, at the right time, with the best quality at a competitive price. The consumer demands that are constantly changing adds new challenges for consumer products businesses. Along with these new challenges, there are also food safety regulations and compliance requirement and business environment to manage.

With more demand on fresh, quality and sustainable produced goods, retail businesses are expected to have visibility over the sourcing of products, as well as the ability to manage short lifecycles and identify new demands.

By integrating all of the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes together in one place, and with the presence of the cutting-edge Consumer Products ERP software designed to meet each specific needs, your business can overcome these challenges.

This is when Big Data comes into play

Big Data has revolutionized the field of IT, enhancing and adding added advantage to organizations. Consumer products and retail can gather data on their customer that can be useful to gain insights on trends and beneficial for future product development and design. However, many are still not doing it, or even do not know how to use it.

The technical systems used by most businesses to facilitate the buying process are not fully capable to capture buyer information at every stage or use to information to generate insights. This is an opportunity lost by businesses. With the involvement of analytics, sophisticated machine learning, statistics and more, Big Data can help organizations to store TBs of data, pre-process it, analyze and visualize the data.

Consumer Products Abyor International

Drive Innovative Product Offering with Data

Consumer product and retail organizations need a cutting-edge consumer products and retail software to face the market of the future, and excel in the market today. This software is tailored to their needs and can bring all their processes together in one place.

By controlling consumer buying behavior information and gathering accurate real-time consumer data gives you the ability to:

  1. Propel innovative product design
  2. Shorten lifecycles
  3. Optimize price
  4. Accelerate decision-making process
  5. Easily comply with industry regulations through added visibility into quality standards and traceability