Drive Innovation with ERP for Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete Manufacturing

Drive Innovation with ERP for Discrete Manufacturing

The market is challenging discrete industries to innovate.

Find out how to navigate in the constantly changing trend of the digital age.

Discover Smarter Ways to Enhance Manufacturing Operations

Discrete companies are challenged with ever-shorter product lifecycles and a rapidly growing number of product variants. With digitization, you can streamline manufacturing operations, optimize value chains and sensor technology. By upgrading to digital process, you can offer individualized smart products with new features and services to your customers. Furthermore, by shifting consumption models based on the IoT, and connecting machines, IT, and products, it enables you to create a smart factory.


Pave Your Way to Success in Discrete Manufacturing

Drive Innovation with ERP for Discrete Manufacturing

Accelerate Product Development and Innovation

Today, customers increasingly demand individualized products. As manufacturers, companies require a highly flexible production processes and responsive material requirements planning. You can accelerate product development and bring innovations to market faster and more cost-effective by utilizing tailored manufacturing solutions.

Implement End-to-End Product Lifecycle Management

Consistency in product lifecycle management from research and development to aftersales service is an important factor in manufacturing operations. This factor requires companies to be able to accelerate manufacturing cycle times and reduce waste. You can do that by taking an approach that integrates people, data, processes, systems, and tools to increase engineering efficiency and reduce time to market.

Seize the Opportunities of the Internet of Things

IoT enables your company to make accurate predictions based on real-time sensor data rom machines and give recommendations for future actions and offer your customers more added value.

Unlock the Potential of Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturing industry is currently transforming to digital. Companies can unleash the potential of their data with sensor technology and advanced manufacturing execution systems. Flexible platforms also enable you to realize the connected smart factory and facilitate better collaboration with other companies.

Gain Real-Time Insights through Analytics

A great transparency through all manufacturing operations is the right basis for strategic decisions. With technology, you can monitor real-time data analytics leverage sensor data to create new, service-based business models and gain capabilities for predictive maintenance. AI can help you increase productivity and accuracy through automation.