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Enable Innovation in Oil and Gas with Digital Services

Innovative technologies help oil and gas companies in streamlining and simplifying operations by creating intelligent enterprises.

Oil and Gas Abyor International

Expand Beyond the Barrel

By 2025, oil and gas envision a safe, reliable and sustainable delivery of energy products and services driven by innovation and focused on the customer. In the effort to achieve this target, oil and gas companies will implement new business models that focuses on customer centricity. To manage the huge volume of data from production through operation, and data collaboration, access, and analysis, the industry needs sophisticated cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning – aligning with Industry 4.0 aspirations.

Pathway to Customer Centricity

Consumer will be more empowered and demand simplicity and service quality by 2025. This said, oil and gas company are driven to create new business models to deliver value and generate revenue streams. The are expanding beyond the barrel to provide additional value to their customers.

This journey will start from simplifying order commitment and fulfillment processes. By doing this, oil and gas company can establish live inventory management, real-time available to promise, and faster material replenishment planning. Continuing the process, the journey will extend until the industry fully transform and achieve their vision, centralizing on customer with personalized configurations with pay-for-outcome pricing.