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PT Abyor International (Abyor) was established in Indonesia in 2009 by four best friends Hari Tjahjono, Gun Gun Gunawan, Dony Rivai and Budi Limansubroto. They met when they were all involved IT businesses from different prominent IT services companies.

They have a noble goal to train fresh university graduates to give them wider employment opportunities in the world of fast changing Information Technology businesses. Since the establishment, this commitment is consistently implemented. Regularly the fresh graduates are recruited and sent for On-the-Job training.

To reflect the above goal, the founders give the company a name – “Abyor”. The word “Abyor” is taken from the ancient Javanese language which means sparkling shines just like sparkling stars in the dark clear night. The founders seek to be the light and guide for the graduates as well as for the customers by giving them the sense of comfort, relief and assurance on whatever challenges they may have.

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