PT Abyor International Quality Policy

This quality policy is a brief statement that aligns our organization’s purpose and strategic direction, provides a framework for our quality objectives, and includes a commitment to meet applicable requirements as well as continuous improvements.

We at Abyor have developed our quality strategy based upon our Focus – Integrate – Transform 2020-2022 objectives. We are facing a wave of disruption not only technology and society changing, but the whole company DNA is undergoing a transformation.

Our quality objectives aligned with our strategy:

  • Continue to and serve our customers through a worldwide standard of profound quality service in selected focus segments.
  • Upskill and strengthen our technical and functional capabilities in selected industries.
  • Providing the best SAP consultancy service and engagement for our customers to grow your business.
  • Maintaining the quality of our delivery experience with certified and well-trained SAP consultants.
  • Realize the dreams of our clients through long term relationships.
  • We develop evolving ecosystems with our clients through leading-edge technologies, such as SAP S/4HANA transformation projects.
  • Enhancing our creativity through empowerment and diversity.

As a part of NTT DATA Business Solution and Itelligence, we adopt proven business practices and integrate them in our core values. Implementing our worldwide standard of profound quality service. We help transform, grow and prosper our customers and work as a team to contribute to the restructuring and transformation of their business. We transform our customers business into a digital enterprise through innovation by using digital technologies. With innovation as the core of our business, it offers us the opportunity to develop new ideas, optimize technology, and drive projects forward. Shaping the future of our customers – by developing our own.

Abyor 2.0 is an NTT DATA Business Solutions Company. With our FIT (Focus – Integrate – Transform) 2020-2022 strategy we are contributing to the overall BBB (Building Back Better) NTT DATA quality objectives to contribute to our customer’s business and society as a Trusted Global Innovator.


This policy is fully endorsed by the Directors and will be made publicly available. It will be periodically reviewed to ensure that it remains effective and realises the company’s objectives.

August 2020
Sharath Burla

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