PT Pindad (Persero)

PT Pindad is a State-owned manufacture company which produce military products and commercial products with its history dated back to the period of 1808-1850 where Dutch Navy established military equipment repair shop named Artilleriee Constructie Winkle (ACW) and Pyrotekniesche Werkplaats (PW) to hold inventory and tooling equipment maintenance and repair damaged arms and weapons.

Implemented in all divisions by stages for HQ, Weapon, Ammunition, Special Function Vehicles,
Forging & Casting, Industrial Machineries & Services, Commercial Explosives

Implemented SAP ERP Solutions:

Benefit Realized after projects implemented:

Culture Transformations for disciplines in data entries

Integrated System generates less overhead errors and single-source data entries

More transparent & deeper analytics in product costing

E2E Active Budget Checking from commitment to purchase to expense booking

Finance & Acct (FI), Costing (CO)

Budgeting (FM)

Material Management (MM & WM)

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