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As a full-service consultancy, we provide comprehensive & objective advice on any and every aspect of your IT needs. We assist your business in the development of aligned business and IT strategies and begin every consultation with immediate discussion about your business requirements and future goals. Our Consultancy & Advisory service may be used in different stages of IT lifecycle:

  • Start of a new project – Design and build roadmap of enterprise architecture solutions to cater your business requirement
  • Functional extensions – Evaluate the best strategy for the design, development, deployment and roll out phase.
  • Upon project completion – Verification of healthiness of the system implemented as well as achievement to goals and benefits
Consultancy Advisory


It is critical to keep business innovation and transformation, while maintaining great value and efficiency.

Our solutions are delivered in the most efficient manner without compromising quality, by keeping a good balance in regulating issues on processes, people, data, and technology.

With our experienced and professional consultants alongside our best practices, proven project management methodology, and innovative approach, implementation will be no less than efficient.



By getting to know you and your business, we are able to help you to identify and deliver the solutions needed to build a sustainable, integrated landscape to optimize your business.

By working closely with your project team, and with our know-how of IT solutions, we provide assurance that we do not only understand your business and future goals, but also the recommendations we provide shall assist you in building the new competencies needed to generate significant, distinguishable business results.

Solutions Optimization


Improving process agility, drive innovation and support new business models and processes – all while responding to the pressure of elvolving industry trends and rising costs. We help you to keep up with the rapid growths and technology changes in the industry by providing a time-tested, integrated approach using our comprehensive set of services, tools and methodologies. We offer to you the full range of a rapid, cost-effective solutions upgrade:

  • Evaluation – We evaluate of your current situation and determine your future needs. Our team will review your upgrade project’s scope, cost estimation and build a solid business case.
  • Planning – We assist you in planning a smooth and effective upgrade process to prepare you with the required tools and processes.
  • Execution – We work with you to mitigate project risks and reduce costs with an Upgrade Coach through Abyor Managed Services. Abyor Managed Services provides temporary hardware requirements as well as training options to familiarize your users quickly.
Upgrade Solution


Data is nowadays a necessity. Millions of data is being generated everyday from various sources, which makes it hard to validate its quality.

Not only improving data quality and optimzing your data usage, our data solutions help to make better decision making for your business.

  • Data Archive
    Data archiving helps companies curb data growth within their systems and support them in their legal compliance strategy.
  • Data Cleansing
    Data cleansing involves screening your data to highlight duplicate, incorrect, inaccurate, out of date or incomplete data.
  • Data Migration
    Data Migration is the process of extracting data from one or more data sources and loading it into a new target system or application. When carrying out a data migration process, the opportunity to evaluate and improve data quality should be taken. By evaluating and improving data quality, the risk of a negative impact on a system rollout as well as on the business itself beyond the go-live event, can be mitigated.
  • Data Quality Check Up (DQC)
    The DQC profiles and analyzes the quality and integrity of master data. It ascertains a starting point from where you can build upon in relation to data quality. The DQC exposes technical and business data issues and identifies how your data is impeding the validity of your business processes, initiatives, reporting integrity, and goals.
Data Solutions


We see business as a set of processes or workflows. We make it possible for your organization to quickly streamline and automate complex processes.

We help make your organization workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to a rapid-changing environment by identifying, improving, and maintaining the processes within a business.



As your business grows bigger and faster, the needs of strategic focus and reliable management becomes inevitable. On premise or on cloud, our Managed Services will adapt and adjust to the demands of your day-to-day IT operations.

We work as an extension of your IT organization. You can focus more on your business strategy, while leveraging our capabilities and know-how to deliver and optimize value to your organization.

Managed Services