PT Socfin Indonesia

PT Socfin Indonesia (Socfindo) is a leading plantation company established in 1968 as a result of a joint-venture partnership agreement between Plantations Nord-Sumatra S A (a  subsidiary of Socfin S A of Belgium) and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Company is a continuation of the former Belgian owned company Société Financiére des Caoutchoucs Medan SA founded in 1930, based on notarial deed of William Leo No. 45 dated December 7, 1930, in which the business entity was beginning by the establishment of the first commercial plantations in Indonesia in 1911 by Adrien Hallet (Founder SOCFIN). Plantation Sei Liput / Medang Ara is located in East Aceh, Deli and Tanah Itam Ulu were the three oldest commercial oil palm plantation which built in 1911 by Adrien Hallet.

Nowadays, PT Socfin Indonesia managing the plantation area of 48,083 hectares consist of oil palm and rubber plantations distributes in 9 oil palm estates which is located in the province Aceh and North Sumatra, and five rubber estates which is located in North Sumatra.

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