PT Suryajaya Teknotama (SJA)

We are a privately owned Indonesian Company, established in 2001 under the name : PT. Suryajaya Teknotama.

Our business began by contributing to the rapid expansion of the wireless cellular industry in Indonesia by providing radio frequency product. Partnering with Andrew Corporation (now known as CommScope® –, together we help mobile cellular operators to establish their presence through on-time logistics of radio frequency sub-system products – ranging from transmission lines, coaxial cables, base-station antennas, and more.
As demands of customers are changing, we are now redefining ourselves more broadly to serve various needs of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure for business enterprises.
We envision ourselves to become an Indonesian technology company that provide the right technologies for business enterprises, to enable increased productivity and at the same time make people’s life easier and much more enjoyable.

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