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Optimize the Performance of Your Company by Extracting Value from Data


Establishing a Sound Strategy for Business Analytics

The role of Big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and machine learning are known to emerge, and the role of analytics is more important than ever. Businesses that remains successful are the ones who are able to give access to the most relevant information to their employees, partners and customers. But winning is not all about getting answers, understanding business at every turn, and seizing opportunities before the rivals do. It is also important to create value and ROI through the best decision.

Analytics can provide your business to unlock the value in your data, enabling you to forecast, gain unprecedented insights, and help you analyze data for the best outcomes. Combine the power of big data with analytics to drive your business to success.

The transformation of Business Intelligence and Analytics

The conventional approach to delivering Business Intelligence is by being challenged. BI and analytics solutions are evolving at a rapid pace, adapting with the needs of many organizations leveraging modern, agile platforms to create business value. The ability to reason, plan, predict and solve issues with deeper insights from increasingly diverse data sets is opening up a wide span of opportunities and discovering new innovative methods and approaches. But to support such business capacity founded on knowledge and innovation, the following three areas require close attention:

  1. The Cutting-edge Data Platform – The current trends are causing a rapid growth of data. Conventional data warehouses are not able to handle a huge volume of and variety of information.
  2. Adaptive Business Intelligence – Delivering relevant, factual and timely information that is mobile, highly interactive and customized for user needs.
  3. Strategic and Advanced Analytics – Utilize data to understand customer insights deeper

Renew Your Business Model and Add Strength to Your Offering

Embracing digital transformation brings many favors for the business. By utilizing technological innovations and the power of big data, companies are better able to design business models that focus on efficiency that will not only help business but deliver better outcomes for customers. This includes embracing new trends as well as capitalizing on existing technologies.

Inspire and shape a digital world by reinventing power generation, transmission, distribution, and retail.

What Services does Abyor International Offer to Utility Companies?

  • Digital transformation
  • Strategy and delivery consulting services
  • Asset management, performance, monitoring and maintenance
  • Integration, from strategy to support
  • Technical expertise
  • IoT deployment and connectivity

Abyor International can help you improve utility company operations through digital transformation and innovation. We will work with you to design smart processes that enable you to capitalize your existing technologies, while also leveraging the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and Big Data to enhance your offering and service delivery.

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