PT Vale Indonesia Tbk

PT Vale Indonesia Tbk is a subsidiary of Vale, a global mining company headquartered in Brazil. Formerly PT International Nickel Indonesia Tbk. (PT Inco), the company operates open-pit nickel mines and a processing plant in Sorowako, on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia since 1968. Today we are the largest nickel producer in Indonesia and contributed 5% of world nickel supply.

PT Vale mines laterite/saprolite nickel and produce nickel matte, an intermediate product mainly shipped to Japan. Nickel is most commonly used in combination with other metals to form alloys and known for its versatility and resistance to oxidation and corrosion. It retains its characteristics even when subjected to extreme temperatures. Nickel is used in many products and applications, such as televisions, rechargeable batteries and CD/DVD pressing as well as coins, cutlery and even railroad cars.

PT Vale production lines operate with clean energy generated by our three hydroelectric power plants, which are in total produce 365 mega watts of electricity power. With an investment of $2 billion, PT Vale expects to increase production to 120 thousand metric tons of nickel matte within the next five years. PT Vale has been committed to adding value and building a positive legacy for Indonesian next generations.

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